VENUS PACKAGING is a company that has been manufacturing automatic PET bottling lines since 1992 . Over the past two decades , we have established ourselves as manufacturers of repute , with an uncompromising view on quality . Our machines are compact , easy to operate and maintain , and are supplemented by dependable after sales attention , whenever required .

We give our discerning customers , a reliable production partner , which is key for any successful bottling plant . Repeat orders from our customers is the biggest testimonial to our immaculate track record and our ceaseless efforts at achieving excellence .

With exports to over 15 countries , and an imposing presence in the Indian market , VENUS PACKAGING continues to deliver its services to the ever expanding food and beverage industry . Our constant desire to improve , backed by the receptiveness to ideas from existing users , propels us forward , at delivering what is expected of us .

. . . . . . your expectation is our inspiration